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If you want to set up a website, you probably need a domain name. Some people set up free blogs or other types of sites using a domain name that belong to a third-party service like WordPress or Tumblr. That’s okay for small personal blogs — but if you want to build a serious online presence, you really should have your own domain name.

Trying to figure out the best domain name for your new website is one of the more difficult tasks when establishing a new online presence. You don’t want to change domain names often — it’s bad for branding and bad for SEO — so whatever you decide is going to have to work well for a good long time.

One of the most important things you can do is make sure all of your data and content is regularly backed up. Websites take a lot of time, energy, and even money to develop, so you want to make sure your investment is protected.

Each domain name is also subject to an annual maintenance fee which varies depending on the domain/registry.

Regardless of the extension, all domain names must follow the same character rules.  You can use letters (abc), numbers (123) and dashes/hyphens (—). Spaces are not allowed and the domain can’t begin or end with a dash.

Your control panel will have all the information about your account, including the number of POP accounts and amount of disk space available, the current bandwidth usage for your account, billing links, and so on. If you have questions about your account that are not answered by the information in the control panel or billing system, please contact our technical support department.

Your account will be set up soon after your order has been received. All orders must undergo fraud screening prior to setup. Your site can be uploaded to our servers immediately after receiving the welcome email, which will contain the IP address for your account, plus your username and password. In fact, we recommend that clients start uploading their site as soon as possible after setup is complete, so that once domain transfer is completed, the site will be available for use by your visitors.

Absolutely. Whether you’re a day person or a night owl, your site is available for you to update.

If you’re familiar with your email client’s setup, use the following information to retrieve email from your POP account:

Incoming mail (POP3) server: yourdomain.com
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: Use your ISP’s outgoing mail server. If your ISP permits the sending of mail through server other than their own, you can also use yourdomain.com as the outgoing mail server.

Passwords are case sensitive and are limited to 15 characters. If you entered a password longer than 15 characters please try entering the first 15 characters when logging into your control panel.

The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will make every effort to meet it for you. For most projects, we work within the 2-3 week time-frame.

We fully support any website we design and are always available should you encounter any problems or require any enhancements. We offer web site maintenance, web hosting , domain registration and design. We have you covered..

It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form – for example, the files output by a digital camera and the copy in MS word or similar format. If this is not possible, we can help get your information ready for use on the website. We will also provide you instructions on how to upload the material via FTP or email.

This will depend upon the amount of information you wish to be displayed on your website. If you have many products/services, then it may be advantageous to have a database incorporated into your website design. We will discuss this in detail with you and if a database is advised we will explain in detail exactly how this will work and the costs associated with this.

The cost of a web site varies depending on the site and complexity. A starter website containing a homepage, about page and contact page starts at $350. If you give us a call we will be pleased to discuss with you,  your website design requirements and give you a quotation based on your unique needs.


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Dynamic Websites

Variable content is displayed dynamically by-way-of software systems like, ASP.NET, PHP and the like, usually by retrieving [...]


HTML is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags, enclosed in angle brackets (like), [...]

Egyinternet Support Facts

We Love Our Jobs And That Makes All The Difference


Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance offer peace-of-mind for clients who require frequent updates to their websites. Our friendly, we are here to help you make the most of your website.

Build A Website

New Websites That Work For You

Whether it’s a simple or small project,we pride ourselves on building websites that look great and work perfectly, for your visitors old or PC latest device.

Fix Errors

Fixing Website Errors

The smallest problem can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your website.If there are niggling issues or errors on your website contact us and we will help you solve it.


Need Improvements?

If you need to improve your website we offer fixed price. Changes or a considerable amount of new development, we can help within an agreed timescale.

Some Of The Many Ways We Can Help:

We can help easy ways to increase performance,and provide a high quality.

  • Fix errors and bugs that stop your website working
  • Repair broken contact forms and prevent spam inquiries
  • Take care of WordPress updates and errors
  • Recover a website that has been hacked or is hosting malware, and secure it
  • Improve the loading time of a slow website
  • Find and fix broken links and images throughout your site
  • Make your website more mobile and tablet friendly
  • There are also many ways we can improve and add features on your website
  • When your site is running smoothly – keep it that way. Guarantee regular maintenance, with our economical website maintenance contracts.
  • Create new sections and pages
  • Add admin control to allow you to update your website yourself
  • Refresh the look of your existing site
  • We can also help plan,design and build brand new websites
  • Website error messages
  • If your design or layout is looking out of date, we can redesign and rebuilding existing sites to today’s best standards.
  • Email clients set up
  • Restore database from backup
  • DNS settings,domain registrar change